Sunday, September 29, 2013

Breaking Bad's Finale: Spoiler alert!

Crime does pay, at least for us. Tonight we saw the last episode of one of the greatest TV shows ever. Breaking Bad has come to an ending without the ambiguity of other series finales as The Sopranos. Jesse is free, Walter's family is rich and Walter is dead. There are no doubts to discuss but without any doubt we're going to have a lot of discussion, specially about the decision of keeping Jesse alive (I'm guessing).

In my very personal opinion, Jesse alive is the closest to a happy ending that Breaking Bad could be. It gives some redemption to Walter White and some hope to the dark universe describe in the series.

However the great moment of the episode was not about an heroic act. Even saving Jesse, Walter is not a hero. He is" the man who knocks", remember? The biggest moment of Walter White (an the episode) is his confession: "I did it for me. I like it. I was good at it. I was alive". This will be the line that everybody is going to remember. This will be the cut to black of Breaking Bad.

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