Thursday, June 20, 2013

London Men's Fashion Week

Burberry definitely rules this fashion week. A lot of color (maybe inspired in the Warhol Factory or David Hockney) and simple designs make the collection high fashion but still pretty functional. Sweaters, coats, double-layered skirts and skinny ties were dominant during the show.

Burberry, Spring 2014

On the other hand, Jonathan Saunders works with symmetric and color but in a more sophisticate way. Jackets and metallic fabrics were seen a lot.

Jonathan Saunders, Spring 2014

The worst of the worst were maybe Alexander McQueen and J.W.Anderson. The house McQueen received pretty good reviews but, in my opinion, its proposal was too romantic and disappointed. JW. Anderson was just too weird (I think he stole his ideas from her sister closet).

Left Alexander McQueen; right JW Anderson

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