Friday, June 28, 2013

The new "Fixer" of Sunday nights

If you go to YouTube, you can watch the first episode of "Ray Donovan", the new Showtime series about a "fixer" dealing with the problems of people from LA.  It's not great but it's not bad either. Everything seem already seen. Ray is a man in the middle of good and bad, with a dysfunctional family and a risky job, but at least in the pilot you have LA, a place portrayed as a crazy land where nothing is what it seems and everything could happen, and in the other hand you have Ray's father (played by a terrific Jon Voight), one of the most interesting characters during the whole episode.
We need to wait to see if "Ray Donovan" is going to be the next big deal or if the writers are going to start worrying about fixing its own cancellation.

Ray Donovan premieres on Showtime on Sunday June 30th at 10 PM ET/PT
You can watch the first episode now for free on 

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