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Madonna: 30th anniversary - It has been a long journey

On July 27 1983 the world changed forever, at least for me. Madonna was releasing her first album. It's been three decades since then and I still love her as the first time I heard about her. To be honest I was just a little kid in 1983 so actually I started loving her a little later but now I could say she is most important for me than probably the 85% of my relatives and without any doubt she is the woman with whom I have had the most lasting and successful relationship of my life (all good comedy is a little sad).

On the 30th anniversary of Madonna (the first album), my 30 favorites looks of one of my favorites women in the Earth.

Number 30: The real person
There are not so many pictures of Madonna looking like a regular person. This is one of my favorites.

Number 29: The Groom
20 years after coming out of a wedding cake... ups, she did it again. This time proving that she is the girl in charge, getting together Britney and Cristina and getting a taste of their tongues almost at the same time.

Number 28: The Shocking Pair
Madonna team up with Jean-Paul Gaultier to shock the world on 1992, during a fashion show to benefit Amfar

Number 27: The Saturday Night Fever
1996. During her Confessions Tour, she embodied John Travolta in his famous white suit and gave us a Music that we'll never forget.

Number 26: The Owner of the Throne
At the 2011 half time show at the Super Bowl, Madonna proved again she is the only Queen wearing a Cleopatra inspired costume.

Number 25: The Grunge
1998 Golden Globe. She looks chic messy and she won!

Number 24: The Dominatrix
October 21, 1992. The world read Sex. A lot of people hated the book but now it's considered a post feminist work of art.

Number 23: The Lady
May 2, 2011. She looks just amazing in this decadent Stella McCartney dress at the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York.

Number 22: The Detrich
June 19, 2013. Madonna embrace the glamour and spirit of Marlene Dietrich at the New York premiere of her MDNA Tour documentary.

Number 21: The Hindu
1992 MTV Video Music Award. Madonna opened the night performing Shanti/Ashtangi in a postmodern Hindu look.

Number 20: The 80s
Madonna's look from the 80s defined a character and a star and created a legion of wannabes trying to copy her.

Number 19: The Cowgirl
November 16, 2000.  She wore this amazing outfit during at the MTV Video Music Award at Stockholm.

Number 18: The Corsets
You think of Madonna and probably think in a corset. These are just two of then. On the left the one she wore during her Reinvention Tour. On the right, the Jean-Paul Gaultier reinvention of his own work. In both cases she is performing Vogue.

Number 17: The Irreverent
November 19, 2008. Only Madonna can dress entirely Louis Vuitton at a Gucci event. At the Gucci's launch of the tattoo Heart Collection.

Number 16: The Statement.
March 2003. Madonna wore boy scout uniform to GLAAD Awards, criticizing the boy scout organization for banning gay members. She obviously doesn't look good but she was fighting for a good cause.

15: The Natural
The Like a Prayer video is the only case in which we can see Madonna wearing her natural hair color. She looks just beautiful.

14. The Coolest.
September 7, 1995. She embraced a modern Brigitte Bardot look at the MTV Video Music Awards.

13. The Evita
December 14, 1996. At the premiere of the film Evita at Los Angeles. She was wearing Evita Peron inspired Versage.

12. The Punk
May 6, 2013. She was one of the few who actually get the punk theme of the MET Gala 2013 - Punk: Chaos to Couture

Number 11: The Enlightened
She look just amazing in this dark denim jacket on the Ray of Light music video.

10. The Disco Dietrich.
1993. During her Girlie Show Tour, Madonna pay homage to Marlene Dietrich getting inspiration on the 1932 film Blonde Venus.

Number 9: The Marie Antoinette.
September 12, 1990. Madonna embodied Marie Antoinette at the MTV Video Music Awards. The costume was first worn by Glenn Close in the 1998 film Dangerous Liaisons

Number 8: The Geisha.
She wore this red Jean-Paul Gaultier kimono at the 41st Annual Grammy Awards.

Number 7: The old-fashion Hollywood Glamour
March 25, 1991. At the 63rd annual Academy Awards she paid tribute to the old school Hollywood divas, wearing $20 million worth of Harry Winston diamonds.

Number 6: The Feminist
At the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards. She sang her mega hit and feminist iconic theme Express Yourself wearing her top underwear out. 


Number 5: The Marilyn.
Madonna embodied Marilyn Monroe in one of her most popular videos, Material Girl.

Number 4: The Movie Star
Madonna wore this dress, created especially for her by Italian designer Vionnet, for the premiere of her directorial debut W.E. at the 68th Venice Film Festival. Just perfection.

Number 3: The Farrah Fawcett
November 3, 2005. Madonna was just amazing, reinventing Farrah Fawcett, at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Lisbon, Portugal.

Number 2: The Virgin
September 14, 1984. At the inaugural MTV Video Music Awards. A Wedding dress and a 'Boy Toy" belt. Nothing else to say.

Number 1: The Blonde Ambition
No other costume is more iconic for me that the Jean-Paul Gaultier cone bra that Madonna wore during her Blonde Ambition Tour. Long Live to the Queen and thanks for these 30 amazing years.

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