Wednesday, July 3, 2013

There's only one Queen. F*ck Yeah!

I went to four of the Madonna's concerts last year. Two of them were in Miami, where the main footage for the MDNA DVD was captured, so obviously I'm a fan but not because I think Madonna is the only God worthy of worship (and I really think so), I couldn't try to be objective. She made a really good work creating a different experience for those who actually saw her live, and a pretty amazing show for those who didn't. My favorite part was actually the black and white sequence during "Like a Virgin" and "Love Spend". She created a special atmosphere during those songs. To end, her voice was great, her dancing was great, her body was great and if you think I'm not being objective, well... "I don't give a..."

Madonna: The  MDNA Tour is now available on EPIX.
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