Sunday, July 14, 2013

OMG! is # Sharknado

Twitter is still recovering of the aftermath of "Sharknado", the now incredible popular movie aired by SyFy on Thursday night. Although only 1,4 million viewers actually watched the movie premiere broadcast (I was one of them), people got crazy about it on social media. SyFy declared "Sharknado" the channel's "most social telecast ever". The movie reached 387,000 online comments (most of them on Twitter) and a lot of celebrities get involved in the conversation. Executive producer of ABC's Modern Family, Danny Zucker said "Can't watch #Sharknado because I'm on the set of my new film Tsunamwolf" and even Mia Farrow tweeted "Omg omg OMG #Sharknado". I was waiting the mother f*cker comment of my man Samuel L. Jackson.

The movie is definitely one of the highlights of the summer. What's not to like?  It has everything: awful production values, terrible dialogues and Tara Reid! Beside all of this, "Sharknado" succeeds where a lot of blockbusters as "The Lone Ranger" fail, it gave us something fun to talk about.

If you want to watch it, Syfy is planning another run on Thursday night.

Syfy Channel
C- (but this time C- is a good thing)

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