Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Paris Men's Fashion Week: The Bad and The Ugly

Sometimes fashion goes too far. After all the idea of clothes is that someone actually wear it but who could buy some of these outfits. Oh wait... David Arquette, old guys who play golf and almost every guy in Miami beach. Here, the worst of the worst.

Raf Simons was inspired on pop art. He embraced the man skirt presenting versions of dresses. What was he thinking?

Raf Simons, Spring 2014

The house Givenchy, directed by Ricardo Tisci, dedicated its entire collection to subcultures and geeks, so if you really want to look like a freak, you know where to go.

Givenchy, Spring 2014

But without any doubt, the worst of the worst was the collection by Thom Browne. The theme... androgynous military. Do I need to tell more.

Thom Browne, Spring 2014

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